Cameron Boyce’s Legacy

The death of a young actor Cameron Boyce, 20. This year we’ve lost many souls one of them being 20 year old Cameron Boyce. His death has affected many people and mostly kids our own age. Kids have grown up watching Disney Channel, one of the biggest hit shows jessie, co stared Boyce. Descendents actor died from a seizure due to his ongoing epilepsy. Epilepsy … Continue reading Cameron Boyce’s Legacy

New Teachers at Key West High

By: The Snapper Staff As we enter another year or start a new chapter of our lives, it’s not just all freshmen or new students who are newcomers but many educators as well. For this article, different reporters from the Snapper went around to interview either new/returning teachers to Monroe county, or new to teaching in general with two years or less of experience. Richard … Continue reading New Teachers at Key West High

Rocketman Film Review

By: Priscilla Castro Sanchez Rocketman is a movie based on the iconic rock composer, Elton John. The movie stars a very talented actor, Taron Egerton. Elton John has made many songs that have touched many generations, including my own. He’s one of my favourite artists. The film centers around Elton’s life. His music, his breakthrough, and his story. It displays many of the struggles he … Continue reading Rocketman Film Review

Dual Enrollment VS Advanced Placement

By: Priscilla Castro Sanchez and Kelci Grooms Many high school students as they advance in their years tend to also advance in their school, taking on new or harder classes such as Advanced Placement (AP). However, many students also prefer to take on Dual Enrollment (DE). Dual Enrollment is taking college classes while still attending high school in order to obtain college credits at an … Continue reading Dual Enrollment VS Advanced Placement

Key West Football Early Season Preview

By: Gus Wilson The Key West Fighting Conchs started off their season with a thrilling win in their preseason match up against Cypress Lakes winning 35-28 in overtime. The Conchs and Panthers battled back and forth, resulting in five separate lead changes and three ties throughout the five quarter game. Key West’s own Christian Opalsky, junior, scored 5 seconds into the start of the game, … Continue reading Key West Football Early Season Preview

Experiment In International Living and KWHS

By: Emily Bracher Founded in 1932, the Experiment in International Living (EIL) is an immersive learning program for students around the globe. For up to a month, young individuals get to explore a foreign country where they focus on different ideas, and learn about about the area surrounding them.With topics like cultural discovery in Spain, or ecology in Ecuador, new knowledge gained through experience relating … Continue reading Experiment In International Living and KWHS