Athlete spotlight: Cruse Sweeney

Key West High School (KWHS) has no shortage of outstanding athletes, all of whom work hard and bring pride to the Conchs. Cruse Sweeney’s name has been everywhere this swim season and his achievements are widely recognized throughout the school.

Sweeney is a senior this year and is in his 15th year of swimming. When he was younger his parents pushed him to swim and what started off as a fun hobby, quickly turned into a drive for competitive swimming. Last year, Sweeney moved to North Carolina where he joined his first year-round team and began to see improvement due to the intense practice schedule. When he returned to Key West he was eager to carry this improvement with him and has excelled on the KWHS swim team.

Currently, Sweeney serves as Captain of the boys’ swim team, he holds this position with pride and “speaks for the team”. This year, Sweeney has broken an impressive, five school records: the “200 Free”, “100 Back”, “100 Fly”, “200 IM” and the “50 Free”. He also placed fifth in states.

Sweeney feels that swimming has truly shaped his life, not only in how he has excelled but also in friendships.

“All of my friends have come from swimming and who I am has come from swimming. I am a little part of all of my friends and in that way, swimming has really created me,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney has filled out several recruitment forms for schools and is talking to schools like Florida Atlantic University. He hasn’t made a final decision, but the impact swimming has had on his life will remain with him for years to come.

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