Automotive class returns to KWHS

There is a shortage of trained technicians in the automotive industry and there are an estimated 15,000 job openings in Florida for automotive technicians right now, making it a very lucrative field. For the first since the 1990’s Key West High School will be offering an automotive class. Students will learn about automobiles from bumper to bumper, and learn useful skills such as changing oils and changing tires.

Photo by Dana Dauletgalikyzy
Pictured is Mr. Bickings

The automotive class is located in the back of the school by the weight training room. Mr. Douglas Bickings teacher of the automotive class has been in the automotive field for 43 years and has been teaching students for 20 years.

The main goal for the students this year is to pass the Automotive Services certification. This certification can be used for job applications. It will also be a useful tool when applying for a college or tech school.

“I enjoy teaching this class and sharing my knowledge with students and seeing them learn and grow,” said Bickings.

Photo by Dana Dauletgalikyzy

We are very excited to have this class return to Key West High School and offer an addition to our Career and Technological Education.

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