Acai Bowls: Worth the Hype?

Have you noticed the colorful dishes decorated with different types of exotic fruits, berries, and other bright toppings on social media? Their vivid colors are not the only reason people fall in love with them. They are also known for their numerous health benefits that come from their ingredients. However, you may wonder how exactly did this trend start?

Graphic By Dana Dauletgalikyzy

One of the most common types of smoothie bowls, Acai, goes back to the 1970’s, when the Acai fruit pulp started to spread from Amazon nations to northern Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro the pulp was mostly known as “frozen Acai pulp blended with bananas”. It was first used by a famous jujitsu coach of that time to support the healthy and nutritious diet of his trainees. Acai later made its way to Hawaii and Southern California, where it got the attention of surfers and fitness lovers.

Acai itself is unsweetened, milky and bitter. According to Tambor Acai company, the Amazon people used to eat it as a staple, along with fish. It is very nutritious, a 100 g serving of berries contains 264 calories, 26 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of protein and 16 g of monounsaturated fat.

The base of the smoothie bowls is not limited to acai berries, you can choose from the variety of tastes and colors. There is a spirulina base, which contains a microalga that gives it a beautiful ocean blue hue. The algae is considered one of the World’s first superfoods, and one of the most nutrient-rich foods on Earth. Another one, pitaya base, made with pitaya fruit, has a sweet tropical flavor and the magenta pink color which makes up the bright bowl.

However, you are not limited to the types mentioned above. One thing about smoothie bowls is that it could be absolutely anything as long as they are healthy, filling, and delicious. There is a lot of space to get creative with the toppings also. Being unlimited to fruits and berries, you can add calories by adding granola, dried fruit, coconut chips and more.

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