A look into Shakespearian Insult Day at KWHS

On Friday March 8, students were seen shouting colorful language throughout the hallways at Key West High School. But, this wasn’t a fight or argument. Mr. Erhard’s English 1 Honors classes were participating in the school’s annual Shakespearean Insult Day.

Every year Mr. Erhard’s English class partake in this activity while they read “Romeo and Juliet”. In preparation for Insult Day students decorated slips of paper with words originating from Shakespeare’s work. They then wrote insults and shouted them at their classmates. The class divided into Montagues and Capulets, shouting insults at their opposing family.

Insult Day helps students understand Shakespearean language and engage with the play, “Romeo and Juliet”.

Being a tradition in Mr. Erhard’s class, his previous students remember this day with fond memories.

Photos provided by David Erhard

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