KWHS wins literacy video contest

From January 28th through February 1st, 2019, Key West High School (KWHS) celebrated its annual literacy week. The goal of this annual event was to promote literacy and good reading habits in Florida’s children. The theme of this year’s literacy week was “Spreading Literacy, One View At A Time.”  Many schools in Florida were encouraged to compete in a YouTube video contest, and KWHS was one of the schools that chose to.

According to Sarah Smith, the Media Specialist at KWHS, the goal of these videos was to remind busy high school students about the importance of making time to read, as well as to hopefully win the cash prize to go towards the library.

Students always say to me that they loved to read when they were younger but do not anymore since they are so busy” said Smith.

To achieve this goal, KWHS Book Club created a video in which their members interviewed fellow students and asked about their favorite books, genres, and authors. Sophomore Patricia Katz edited the video and posted it to YouTube titled: “Key West High School: A Culture of Literacy”.

Since being published, the video has gained over two-thousand views. This was the most out of any school’s videos in the competition, which put KWHS in first place in the YouTube video contest. For this achievement, the school was given $1,200 to be put towards the school library.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Smith

Literacy week is now over, but it is still important to spread a love of reading to students everywhere. When asked what the benefits of reading outside of school were for students, Smith said, “Reading makes you more knowledgeable, exposes you to a different perspective, and makes you a better writer and speaker.”

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