Is Destiny In Our Own Hands?

Everyone ever wondered what is their place in this world, their meaning of life or faith. We, humans, enjoy believing in the most unrealistic things. However, no one proclaimed these things “unreal”. There isn’t a single person that never questioned himself whether he was destined to stand at the certain place, at the specific time, at a specific angle. Thesaurus defines “destiny” as “the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future”, but it could have a different meaning to a different  individual. So what is a destiny?

We don’t know how much of importance does destiny have in our lives. If everything is already predetermined for us,  why care so much? Meaning of the word “destiny” is different for everyone. One of the ways some people see destiny is from the time they were born. Whether they were born in Bangkok or New York, as a girl or a boy, they believe it was already “destined” for them to originate there. Many other details of someone’s life are also believed to be a destiny, such as the family they were born in and whether it is wealthy or not.

It was destined for us to be born that way, and what awaits us in the future is believed to income directly from factors like these. People born with a talent to sing have a big chance of ending up in a opera or theater. Someone who was given an ability to paint and create unique pieces of art, we could say, was “destined” to become a famous artist. The other very common belief about destiny is that it is in “our own hands”. For most of us, we were born healthy with two arms, two legs, heart, brain, and the most important, life.

Many people believe that God gave us everything that we need in order to be the “rulers” of our own future. Healthy ones are the people who exercise, don’t smoke and eat well. Successful people are the ones who educate themselves and strive to succeed. It is about your mindset, not about “what should happen, will happen”.

As you can  see, destiny does not only mean whether you will meet your significant  other in the future. Everyone likes to generalize what it is, but in reality, if you look deep enough into it, there will be much more to analyze.

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