Best Looking: Sophia Robino & Dale Michaud

The students who receive the “Best Looking” superlative have inward and outward beauty. These two Conchs are Sophia Robino and Dale Michaud.

Robino was not expecting to receive a superlative at all, especially Best Looking.

“There are a lot of beautiful girls in my grade so I was very surprised and honored that my class thought of me so highly”, said Robino.

Robino hopes that she was chosen for this superlative not just because of her outer appearance, but also her personality and how she acts towards people as well. Robino stated that being pretty on the outside isn’t everything. It is important to be just as beautiful on the inside.

During her high school years Robino has been very involved. She played varsity soccer and softball, while being an active member in Beta, Zonta, and Executive board. She also served as a Peer Mentor for incoming freshman.  

After high school Robino plans to attend Florida State University in the fall to major in health sciences. She said “My main goal is to just be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Dale Michaud was anything but expecting to receive the “Best Looking” superlative and was shocked to hear his name called over the announcements. “I wasn’t outwardly going for a superlative and was surprised when I got chosen” said Michaud.

The senior class may have recognized Michaud for his good looks on the baseball field. He has been an active member of the Conchs Baseball team all four years of high school.

“I show up on the field and it teaches me responsibilities going forward and how to be a better adult in life after high school,” said Michaud. He hopes to continue baseball after high school at a junior college.

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