Hardest Worker: Becca Maun & Jean Nafrere

A hard worker is someone who dedicates their time across all areas of school: athletics, academics, and clubs. A hard worker also strives to better themselves and community through the work they do. Becca Maun and Jean Nafrere are the two students who the senior class voted for the “Hardest Worker” superlative.

From her hard work on the soccer and lacrosse fields to the classroom, Becca Maun deserves her superlative: Hardest Worker.

Photo courtesy of Yearbook

Maun says she was surprised to receive Hardest worker, “I try to work hard at everything I do, but I wasn’t expecting it because a lot of other people do too”.  

She dedicates her time across all school activities. She is active in 9 clubs, including National Honor Society, Zonta Club, and Mu Alpha Theta. Maun is a leader in the KWHS community, being president of Art for the World and Book Club, and co-captain of both varsity soccer and varsity lacrosse.

Maun exudes conch pride wherever she goes, “I represent Key West when I participate in community service and I attend all of the sporting events and always support the conchs”. She loves to give back to her community, and she has over 800 community service hours.

Maun will be attending the University of Florida in the fall to major in Business.

Whether he’s excelling in his classes, on the football field or in running on his own business Jean Nafrere wholeheartedly deserves the superlative of Hardest Worker.

Nafrere said, “I was a little surprised, but not too surprised because I know I do genuinely work hard”

Nafrere is involved in the school community being a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Keys to be the Change, Beta, Executive Board, and peer mentoring.

Throughout high school, Nafrere has been apart of Conch football, wrestling, and tennis. He has over 300 community service hours.

Outside of school Nafrere runs his own business that he created, JSN Customs. “My business is everything. I resell sneakers, customize sneakers, and restore sneakers”, said Nafrere. Nafrere says keep ups his good grades while running his business.

He will be attending Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall to major in Business and Marketing.

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