Most Athletic: Jesse Garcia & Nicole Matysik

Key West High School is home to many outstanding athletes, however the senior class agreed that Jesse Garcia and Nicole Matysik should be recognized for their achievements. Garcia and Matysik have been chosen for the “Most Athletic” superlative for their impressive records and athletic abilities.

Photo Credit to Yearbook

Garcia has been involved in  multiple sports with Key West High School since freshman year. He played with the football, wrestling and track teams. In wrestling he broke the record for most pins and most wins in a season/career.

He feels that his experience as a fullback on the KWHS football team had the greatest impact on his high school career. Due to this experience, after high school Garcia will be playing football at Bethel College.

Matysik was very excited to be chosen for the “Most Athletic” superlative after having recieved Conch Pride awards for her athletism in years prior.

“If you could choose one word to describe me it would be athletic,” said Matysik. Matysik holds the most records at Key West High for track and field as well as cross country. She has placed as runner-up in three state track and field finals.

“Running has definitely had the biggest influence on my high school career. It’s where I made all of my friends, it’s helped me get into college. I can’t imagine my life without it” said Matysik.

Photo Credit to Yearbook

Outside of sports she has participated in the National Honors Society and has volunteered as a referee for numerous sports around the community and with the Special Olympics.

Matysik has signed with Furman University where she will continue to run cross country and track on a full scholarship.

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