Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Isabella Braswell & TJ Kane

A lot of change can happen over four years of high school. Isabella Braswell and TJ Kane are no strangers to this, as they were chosen for the superlative, “Most Changed Since Freshman  Year”.

Braswell was suprised to find that her peers had recognized her for a superlative but was excited to share it with one of her best friends.

“Freshman year I was really shy, because I came from a small school” explains Braswell. Not only has she become more outgoing throughout the years, but she believes that her work ethic in school has increased as well.

Braswell participated in Lacrosse, Mu Alpha Theta and served as Secretary for Interact Club and Vice President of SWAT. Her four years in Lacrosse along with her other extracurriculars have greatly impaced her high school experience and allowed her to overcome her shyness since freshman year.

Braswell will be attending the University of Florida and hopes to one day move near the Pacific ocean and take up a career in the math field.

Photo Credit to Yearbook

Kane was happy to recieve the “Most Changed” superlative after many of his friends had hinted that he might receive it. Kane credits receiving this superlative, to him being overweight freshman year and working incredibly hard to lose it.

Kane has served as a dedicated member of the Lacrosse team and feels that hard work with this sport has allowed him to get to where he’s at now. After high school he will be attending Santa Fe College.

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