Most Courteous: Candace Matthews & Joseph Barroso

Photo credit to Yearbook

Merriam-Webster define “courteous” as marked by respect for and consideration of others. Someone who is courteous is friendly, warm, and kind to all people they meet. It’s no surprise that Candace Matthews and Joseph Barroso were voted “Most Courteous” as they’re kind action are seen throughout campus.

During her four years at KWHS, Candace Matthews has always been a friendly face on campus earning her the superlative of “Most Courteous”.

Matthews said she didn’t expect to get her superlative, but she is honored that her peers thought of her as courteous. Although, Matthews thinks that this superlative fits her personality, “generally I try to be nice to everyone I meet. I never judge someone when I meet someone, I like to get to know them for myself.”

Matthews is an active member in KWHS activities, being vice president of Beta Club, a member of National Honor Society, the Zonta Club historian, and more. Matthews is in sideline and competitive cheerleader where she is co-captain.

Matthews will be attending Florida State University to major in social work.

Barroso said he was not expecting his superlative, and that he thought his friend deserved “Most Courteous” more than he did. This notion alone proves Barroso’s courteous nature.

“It was a testimony to how my friends and the people around me see me, and really an honor to be that person” said Barroso. He believes that getting this superlative has helped to challenge him to continue being a kind, considerate person in the future.

“Having received this superlative, I feel all the more empowered to be grateful for the blessings in my life, to thank others for making me into the person I am today, and look to humble myself in everything I do” said Barroso.

Barroso is active in the KWHS community, being apart of the NJROTC program and a member of the swim team. Barroso played the lead role of “Danny” in the Drama Club’s production of “Grease” earlier this month.

After high school Barroso is considering attending an Air Force ROTC program in college, where he hopes to serve as an officer.

In Barroso’s words his goals are “to fly, protect, and serve for our country”.

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