Most Intellectual: Melody Morales Rojas & Daniel Walsh

Achieving the status of “most intellectual” is no easy feat, especially in a senior class of so many bright students. However, it is no surprise that the superlative was given to Daniel Walsh and Melody Morales Rojas. Both have spent their years in high school excelling in academics as well as extracurriculars.

Daniel Walsh is well known around campus for his brain and confident personality. While he had no expectations, he wasn’t shocked to see that he bad been named most intellectual.

Photo Credit to Yearbook

“I took AP Calculus and AP Biology my sophomore year and have since taken every AP course offered at the high school that isn’t art, language or computer principles related.” said Walsh. He has passed every single exam for those courses, earning him the title of “National AP Scholar”.

Walsh has also involved himself with clubs and extracurriculars. He has been a part of Keys to be the Change, Academic Challenge, National Honors Society and serves as President of the Gay Straight Alliance Club.

Walsh was accepted into the University of California, Los Angeles and plans to attend university and graduate after two to three years. After, he plans to attend graduate school in hopes of becoming an English professor, while also having a double major in business.

Melody Morales was excited to hear that her class thought of her as “most intellectual”, however she shakes off this superlative.

“I can think of 12 other kids that would have deserved it just as much and fit that image just as much. I’ve just always gotten good grades” said Morales. She has always pushed herself academically and excels in all areas, especially math and science.

Morales is a member of the Academic Challenge team, swim team, serves as President of Mu Alpha Theta and was the Monroe County School District Sunshine State Scholar in 2018. She is also a Take Stock in Children Scholar which has given her many opportunities including, the chance to go to UCLA to attend the LEAP summer program. Out of all of these activities, she thinks her involvement in the KWHS band has had the most important impact.

“I’m most proud of how commited I’ve been to band. Intrinsically, the time I’ve spent there is what I’ll take with me the most after high school” said Morales.

Morales plans to attend the University of Florida in the fall of 2019 and hopes to eventually go to Dental school.

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