Most School Spirit: Jade Castillo & Tommy Morales

Photo credit to Yearbook

“Most School Spirit” fits two students who demonstrate Conch Pride wherever they go. Those two students are Jade Castillo and Tommy Morales. Castillo and Morales are two faces seen at every sports game, throughout campus clubs, and the loudest at every pep rally.

Jade Castillo was voted Most School Spirit by her class. Castillo was not expecting to receive such an honor, but she was excited when she heard she had received the award.

“I think it definitely suits me and describes me well because I attend all school events to cheer on my peers and I get the class excited at the Pep Rallies,” Castillo said.

Castillo is very involved at the school. She is in nine clubs: Beta, Zonta, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Student Council, C-SALT, and Peer Mentor. She also played softball, basketball, and golf in past years. Castillo is also shows Conch Pride as she is vice president of the Class of 2019, and the secretary of SWAT club.

After graduation Castillo is planning on attending Tallahassee Community College to play softball for two years. Castillo then plans to transfer into Florida State University to pursue a masters in Business.

Tommy Morales was not expecting to receive a superlative but when he heard the news he was excited.

“I think this superlative suits me because I attend a lot of school events and I take a lot of pride in things that involve Key West” Morales said.

Morales has been involved at the school and shown his Conch Pride by playing baseball.

“I feel like Key West is all about Conch Pride. Everyday you have to have pride in what you do.” Morales said.

After high school Morales plans to attend Florida State University to follow a Pre-Medical route and study Health Sciences.

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