The Top 10 Students of the Class of 2019

The following list is in alphabetical order to not reveal the valedictorian and the salutatorian.

Francesca Carbone

Francesca Carbone excels in her academics, earning her a spot in the Top 10. While being both the swim and band captains she balanced her time nicely. Carbone said she was able to manage her heavy course load by filling her time with activities, “I was involved in so many activities left me with very little time to do homework, which allowed me time to focus on my homework.” She took a total of 10 AP and 1 DE classes throughout high school. Carbone will be attending the University of Florida in the fall where she plans to major in mathematics and become an actuary.

Emerson Fariss

Emerson Fariss has stood out in high school for his academic achievement. He recently progressed as a National Merit Finalist, scoring in the top 16,000 on the PSAT among seniors across the country. Fariss has spent his high school career taking rigorous courses at both the high school and the college. “The first step is just opening a text book, even if it’s just ten minutes a day as long as you’re going over material and studying. Just that tiny bit of effort made a huge difference for me” said Fariss on how he has managed to reach this academic achievement. He will be attending the University of Virginia next year and is undecided on a major but leaning towards studying genetics and agriculture.

Ryan Keane

Ryan Keane found time to balance his academics and extracurriculars. Throughout high school Keane has taken 13 AP and DE classes while being Interact President, and on the football and basketball teams. Keane said, “I take advantage of my free periods during school to get my homework done so I can focus on studying after practice and games”. Keane will be attending the United States Naval Academy.

Lucy Lannigan

Lucy Lannigan has put copious amounts of time and effort into her school work to get to where she’s at now. She has participated in numerous clubs, served as Co- Editor-in-Chief of “The Snapper” and has taken 12 AP Courses all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Lannigan has pushed herself to be successful academically and has found a balance between academics and experience through programs like the Experiment in International Living and Florida Girls’ State. “Don’t be afraid to take challenging courses,” she advised underclassmen, “If you work hard and stay focused, you’ll be successful.” Lannigan will be attending the University of Florida next year, where she hopes to pursue a degree in Journalism and Communications.

Becca Maun

Becca Maun is well-deserving of her spot in the Top 10. From athletics to academics Maun shines. Having taken 10 AP classes and 8 DE classes Maun demonstrates that she is dedicated to her academics. She works hard in her classes and in the KWHS community, “I just try to do everything that I can while doing all my homework and everything else I need to get accomplished so that I can get straight A’s” said Maun. Maun will be attending the University of Florida in the fall to major in business and pursue a career in accounting.

Melody Morales

Melody Morales has shined in the classroom all throughout high school. She has put ample time into extracurriculars and academics and it shows through titles she’s earned, like Monroe County Sunshine State Scholar, and her impressive grades. She has taken 10 AP courses and 7 Dual Enrollment courses over the last four years. She encourages students to push themselves to take challenging classes as well. Morales will be attending the University of Florida next year, where she hopes to eventually enter Dental school.

Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson took the advantage of the multiple opportunities that surrounded him. He did not only stay academically challenged by taking 11 AP courses, but also didn’t forget about his class participation and involvement. His number one advice to others is to “challenge yourself and dive into things that you find interesting”. Robinson will be attending University of Florida next year, where he will be majoring in Civil Engineering.

Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh has worked diligently for his place in the top ten. Having taken two of the most difficult AP courses in his sophomore year and following those with 12 other AP courses as well as 15 Dual Enrollment courses. These courses have earned him the title of National AP Scholar. He advises underclassmen to “actually do your work on time and then study on top of that, but don’t let academics be your whole life.” Walsh will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles next year. He plans to double major in English and Business.

Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson is an outstanding student and has worked her way to the top by challenging herself in her academics. At Key West High School she has taken 9 AP classes and 3 DE classes. She says, “I’ve always been very competitive and don’t settle for anything less than an A.” Wilson has played lacrosse and golf while also being an active member in NHS, Beta, Zonta, Executive Board, Peer Mentor and C-salt. She will be attending Bucknell University where she will major in political science with a minor in cognitive psychology and economics.

Liam Young

Liam Young committed to being a strong student from the very beginning. He demonstrated his good work ethic by being responsible to take on 14 AP courses while challenging himself in athletics and rigorous extracurriculars. He informs underclassmen that AP courses take a lot of effort, but certainly are not impossible if you stay on top of your work and dedicate yourself. Young will be attending University of Florida in the fall where he plans to major in Computer Science.

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