Wittiest: Dana Dauletgalikyzy & Luke Raspotnik

When choosing candidates for the “most witty” superlative, the senior class didn’t have to think too hard when they voted for Dana Dauletgalikyzy and Luke Raspotnik. Both are well known for their witty antics that occur both in and out of the classroom.

Dauletgalikyzy considers herself an outgoing person and enjoys boosting other people’s moods. She has found the best way to do this is to make others laugh and she has never failed in doing so.

Photo Credit to Yearbook

“I see witty as not only funny but also intelligent, you don’t just make silly jokes.” said Dauletgalikyzy. She carries her wit in all she has involved herself in. She has served as Vice President of Keys to Be the Change, Treasurer of Executive Board and Vice President of National Honors Society. She has also taken part in many clubs and sports- Mu Alpha Theta, Academic Challenge, Snapper and Track to name a few. She believes that these leadership roles, especially in Executive Board have greatly impacted her time in school.

“They made me more connected to my class, aware of what activities we have and gave me -a person who is not even from Key West- a sense of Conch Pride.” said Dauletgalikyzy. However she is not all jokes and knows when it’s time to be serious, as shown in her success in the rigorous academic courses she has taken throughout high school.

After high school Dauletgalikyzy plans to attend the University of Florida where she plans to major in Biomedical Engineering.

Luke Raspotnik has served as a source of laughter since the very first day of freshman year. No one at Key West High School is a stranger to the often intricate and sometimes outrageous jokes that Raspotnik is able to create on the spot.

“I wasn’t thinking too much about getting a superlative… it just kind of happened, but I guess it fits me,” said Raspotnik. “I’ve just said a lot of stupid things that people laugh at.”

Raspotnik is an active member of the National Honors Society, making his face a familiar site at the many community service projects and allowing for many laughs from other volunteers. He has also been in the Marching and Jazz Band for all four years of high school and has taken many rigorous AP courses.

Luke’s plans for post-high school are a mystery for students and teachers at KWHS. When asked about his plans,  Luke is consistent in his witty ways and will give you the short but sure response: “Space.”

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