KWHS Seniors Celebrate the Beginning of the End by: Jessica Nitti

From nervous freshman to a big senior family, the Key West High School Class of 2020 kicked off their last first day with a grand entrance. The energy, blasting music, balloons, and streamers made the courtyard feel like a party. 

The theme of their entrance was “Most Wanted” where each student had a poster with what they were known for by their peers. Brendan Roney was most wanted for being a “Boston College commit” and Erica Gaertner was most most wanted for “taking too many selfies”.

Jazlyn Yarbrough, Senior class president, started planning this special day at the end of last school year and really started finalizing things a month before school started. She states,“ I put so much work and planning into it and in the end it all paid off and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

“The Senior entrance is a memory I will never forget. The positive energy and the unity of our class was an indescribable feeling. I want the same excitement to continue throughout the rest of our senior year,” said Gracie Wood, class Vice President.

Yarbrough explains how over the years she has really seen her class come together as one, from pep rallies to Junior/Senior field day. “One thing I really like is that, no matter what we go through, our class knows how to come together and have a good time. “

The class of 2020 would like to give a huge shout out to the parents and their class sponsor Lisa Rivard for all their help and hard work. Without them the first day wouldn’t have been as memorable as it was .

Photo courtesy of Tara Wood

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