Rocketman Film Review

Illustrated by Priscilla Castro Sanchez

By: Priscilla Castro Sanchez

Rocketman is a movie based on the iconic rock composer, Elton John. The movie stars a very talented actor, Taron Egerton. Elton John has made many songs that have touched many generations, including my own. He’s one of my favourite artists. The film centers around Elton’s life. His music, his breakthrough, and his story. It displays many of the struggles he had to endure while on the path to fame.

The star of the movie is with young and gifted Elton living a neglected childhood. He uses his gift to cope with everything around him. He meets his life long best friend Bernie Taupin, played by Jamie Bell, through the journey. Taupin co-wrote many of Elton’s songs and stayed with him through it all, always stuck by his side for better or for worse, even to this day. 

Elton starts building up his name with his music and meets his future manager and lover, John Reid, played by Richard Madden. Together they made Elton one of the most famous rock composers of the 70’s. Until a turn of events takes place and John Reid shows his true colours. He controls Elton like a puppet, all for the fame, even disregarding his health.  

Elton struggles with a number of issues in his life. Drug abuse and alcohol were a big part of Elton’s career and normal life. He had used it to morph into the character he played onstage, to escape reality. Third had risked his life many times. As well as this, he struggled with his sexuality for a large portion of his life and lived in fear due to it. Many teenagers in our age group struggle with these same issues and they feel the need to hide or be afraid because of social norms. So, this film gives young people a chance to see one of their idols in a situation they can relate to. 

My personal experience of watching this movie was amazing. Being a fan of Elton John, and seeing his story being told was truly grandiose. I think the whole production , the choreography of the dances, the emotional acting, the sets, and overall execution was phenomenal. I’d recommend watching Rocketman to any Elton John fans out there and even to ones who aren’t, because it truly is an experience. Rocketman shines a light on the lifestyle, hardships, and issues we all go through. Overall, the movie was an eight point five or nine out of ten. It definitely had scenes that  are meant for more mature audiences or for people who can handle it. But past that, it truly is a sensational movie. 

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