Key West High School 2019 Homecoming Court by: Jessica Nitti

Homecoming is a tradition at Key West High School that celebrates and honors six outstanding seniors that display Conch Pride. This year’s 2019 Homecoming Court is no exception. The six ladies nominated are Ludmila Barrios, Georquis Batista, Erica Gaertner, Micah Hayden, Samantha Lopez, and Gracie Wood.

Ludmila Barrios

It is a huge honor to be chosen as a Homecoming candidate and there is no doubt that Ludmila Barrios is deserving of this honor. 

She has been a Conchette since her Freshman year and is now Co-Captain of the team. She is also a member of Keys to be the Change Club, a Peer Mentor, and is the manager for the KWHS basketball team.

Barrios displays her conch pride by performing at all the pep rallies and kicklines at the football games. She also attends other games and activities to support her peers. 

She never imagined that she would make it onto the court. “I was definitely surprised and very excited,” she said. The fact that her peers chose her to represent the school in such a big way really stands out to her. She is known by her friends and peers to be someone who is hardworking and determined.

After high school, Barrios plans to go to fire school to become a firefighter. She is excited for the endless opportunities that await her.

Barrios will be escorted by Chris Saunders. 

Georquis Batista 

Georquis Batista is very thankful to be a Homecoming candidate and blessed to have the opportunity to represent Key West High School in such a special way. 

“I was shocked and overwhelmed, I didn’t imagine myself to be on court,” said Batista.

 For her, being on the Homecoming Court means that she can represent the groups that she is affiliated with. She is involved in various clubs such as National Honor Society, Keys to be the Change, Take Stock, Beta Club, Senior Executive Board and she is a cheerleader. 

Batista said she demonstrates Conch Pride through her day to day involvement in school activities and her ability to maintain good grades. She said, ”I dedicate myself to school, being responsible, respecting others and staying determined.” Batista thinks homecoming is a great event, she said, “I am very excited for everyone to show their school spirit and to create lasting memories”.

She hopes to attend the University of Central Florida and study financial business. Her goal is to one day manage her own business.

Batista will be escorted by Landon Lowe.

Erica Gaertner

Erica Gaertner is a nominee for Homecoming Queen who has dedicated her time at Key West High to a wide range of activities. 

Gaertner demonstrates Conch Pride wherever she goes. Whether it is Cheering on the sidelines of every football game or volunteering around her community. 

Gaertner said that when homecoming court was announced, “I was relieved because I had been nervous to see if I had made court.” She has always dreamt of being on homecoming court, so for her this was a dream come true. 

Gaertner said that being on court to her means that she will be able to represent many different parts of the school. As for what she has done, she has been in Zonta, Executive Board, Student Council, Peer Mentor and Cheerleading. 

Gaertner said she would like to be remembered as, “A friendly face around campus and a leader for underclassmen to look up to.” 

After high school she plans to go to a Community College for two years and then transfer to a university. Her goal is to become a delivery nurse. 

Gaertner will be escorted by Logan Pellicier.

Micah Hayden

Hayden is deserving of her spot on the Homecoming Court as she said she feels nominated for her out-going and goofy personality.

Being a very well-rounded student, she is involved in cheerleading where she is Co-captain and a part of Spanish and Chess Club. She also attends all the sports games to support her friends.

Hayden said she did not expect to be on the court, “My reaction was shocked and confused, I wasn’t expecting it at all.” She said she feels extremely honored that her class chose her for the court.

Hayden is most excited for the homecoming game and to wear her big white dress on the field.

After high school, Hayden wants to attend beauty school first and then attend the University of North Florida. Her goal is to one day open her own beauty salon.

Hayden will be escorted by Jordan Parks.

Samantha Lopez

Samantha Lopez has been chosen by her peers to be a Homecoming Queen nominee and is thankful her class thought of her in this way.  

Lopez was beyond excited when she found out she was on court, “I was at a loss for words, I never thought I would be the girl on court.” she said. 

She is involved in many extra-curricular activities, she is a part of Beta Club, Keys to be the Change, Student Council, Executive Board, National Honor Society and Peer Mentor. She also takes part in a lot of community service such as beach cleanups and reading to elementary students. 

Lopez also demonstrates Conch Pride in many ways, “from the clubs I’m involved in to the sports I take part in.” She said she likes to strive to do her best in academics and stay very involved in school sports and activities. 

Lopez would like to be remembered as the girl with a kind heart and open-mind who made her friends and family proud. As well as the girl who on the sidelines who put her all into every halftime and performance. 

She is most excited for Friday night when she gets to walk out on the field under the lights in her big white dress one last time as a varsity Conch Cheerleader. “It’s going to be such a bittersweet moment, but I can’t wait.” she said.

After high school, she said she hopes to further her education at the University of South Florida. Her ultimate goal is to major in pre-law and later become a lawyer and social worker. 

Lopez will be escorted by Zachary Albury. 

Gracie Wood

Gracie Wood has been chosen to by her senior class to be a Homecoming Queen nominee. 

For Wood, being on Homecoming Court is a very big honor and means a lot. She says “ I was thrilled to be chosen by my Senior class and that they thought of me in this way.” 

She is also very active in clubs and sports around school. She plays soccer, volleyball and softball and is also a member of the Senior Executive Board, Student Council, Interact, Zonta, Peer Mentor, CSALT, Mu Alpha Theta and Environmental Club.

Wood would like to be remembered as a friendly face to all and someone who is always there for people. 

Wood demonstrates Conch pride by being a leader to other students around her and helping in any way she can. She said “ I am very active in attending all our school activities, bringing everyone together.”  

She is most excited to share her last spirit week with the whole school and to make awesome memories with everyone. 

After high school, Wood wants to further her education at a University and continue to play softball. Her goal is to become an orthodontist. 

Wood will be escorted by Hunter Oropeza. 

Pictures taken by Jessica Nitti

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