Is Destiny In Our Own Hands?

Everyone ever wondered what is their place in this world, their meaning of life or faith. We, humans, enjoy believing in the most unrealistic things. However, no one proclaimed these things “unreal”. There isn’t a single person that never questioned himself whether he was destined to stand at the certain place, at the specific time, at a specific angle. Thesaurus defines “destiny” as “the hidden … Continue reading Is Destiny In Our Own Hands?

KWHS Project Unified Bocce team successfully makes its debut

Starting January of 2019, the first ever in the history of Key West High School, Project Unified Bocce team was launched. It was arranged by Ruth Holland, Unified Champion Schools Director, and David Erhard the head of the English department, who also happens to be the coach for the team. For someone who is not familiar with “bocce”, it is a game that dates back … Continue reading KWHS Project Unified Bocce team successfully makes its debut

Marie Kondo can change your life

A new Netflix show has gained popularity for something different than most original Netflix series. “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” is not a regular TV show, with specific characters and plot line set every episode. However boring it sounds, it is about the art of cleaning, and Marie Kondo is the host that will teach you a lot about the importance of organized space. “It’s … Continue reading Marie Kondo can change your life

The benefits of bilingualism

In today’s society, especially in the United States, speaking a second language becomes quite useful. When you are communicating with people around you, knowing another language gives you a big advantage. Not only does it expand your social circle, but according to several past studies, it also enhances brain function. Bilingualism is a term describing a phenomenon of being able to speak more than one … Continue reading The benefits of bilingualism

Acai Bowls: Worth the Hype?

Have you noticed the colorful dishes decorated with different types of exotic fruits, berries, and other bright toppings on social media? Their vivid colors are not the only reason people fall in love with them. They are also known for their numerous health benefits that come from their ingredients. However, you may wonder how exactly did this trend start? One of the most common types … Continue reading Acai Bowls: Worth the Hype?

Is Harvard Fair in their admissions?

Harvard has been a prestigious university for many highly talented students for centuries. With a 5.6% admission rate, Harvard is among the most selective universities in the world. Few people know what criteria Harvard looks for in its students, but each year’s admitted student body raises the attention of critics. What kind of students does Harvard prefer? The question has not only troubled the applicants … Continue reading Is Harvard Fair in their admissions?